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  • First time in Arizona

    On January 8, 2017, I visited Arizona for the first time in life. From Tucson Airport, surrounded by cactus, I ran a highway and headed for pecan farm. While watching the big rugged rocks through the car window on early morning , I learn that the former cotton belt had changed into the desert. High expectations for pecan farm had grown in my heart.

  • At the pecan farm

    Arriving at the pecan farm in Arizona, I harvested pecan nuts immediately.
    There were no leaves left, but some fruits still remained. A farm manager like a sturdy cowboy has cracked open the shells under the sky in Arizona. Wrapped in bright sunlight, golden shining pecans appeared. "Beautiful! Shining, it looks gold! Golden pecan! At the moment, It was the start of Golden Pecan Co., Ltd.”

  • The pecan forest

    The trees of pecan nuts stood neatly. 37 years have passed since the trees were planted. Pecan forest spreads in my view. Pecan keeps bringing abundant fruits, 50, 100 , and 200 years. I was overwhelmed by the beauty and possibilities of pecan farm.

  • Arizona Revisited

    On July 13, 2017, I visited Arizona again. Under the bright sunshine of the summer, those pecan trees had grown into the beautiful green groves. The fruits of pecan nuts were steadily growing. I felt the gentle smile of the cowboy hat was waiting for the harvest.

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  • Children of pecan nuts

    Children of pecan nuts were like this! The outer green becomes the shell of the pecan and the whitish part becomes the edible fruit. I just nodded to the powerful narratives of the people who made it.

  • Miracle in Arizona

    This is two years old planted pecans. Rugged desert area full of rocks turned into such a beautiful farm. We cultivated wasteland, digged in groundwater, and planted trees. It was in this land of Arizona where to make from scratch. These pecan trees will grow and begin to fruit in about seven years.

  • Night at pecan farm

    I ate dinner at the guest house on Pecan farm. Dinner was 1 pound beef steak. The whole corn and potato were also delicious. At the end, pecan pie, which is familiar in America, was served for dessert. And in the evening, the brightness of stars in the darkness can only be experienced here but can be taken...

  • Sound played by pecan

    December 6, 2017, I visited Arizona for the third times. The fruit of pecans just before harvesting were on the autumn tree. It was growing much bigger than the one on July. Strolling through the pecan farm, and its leaves and branches crushed lightly. One of my friends accompanied me said this crushed sound is similar to the guitar song. I think he must play music gently with them as usual.

  • Two houses

    The early winter for the pecan farm was the season of autumn leaves. Harvesting work by a large machine was being done at the neighborhood farm. I stayed at a guest house in the farm. The farmer said this to me. “You have two houses. One is this house in Arizona, and another is your own.” In the farm management, it is important to have warm hospitalities and to be strict about innovating. In this visit, I really felt the farmer himself attractive.

Arizona Communication Sequel

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