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What's Pecan Nuts Project ?

We aim to regenerate agriculture and create regional revitalization in collaboration with three unions: ‘Salon de Royal’, Rikuzentakata city and Tokyo university.(Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Science).
To achieve that goal, we would grow domestic production and distribution of American well known pecan nuts which have high profitability and anti-aging effects.

[What is the division of roles in the Pecan Nuts Project?]
The role of Salon de Royal Co., Ltd. and Golden Pecan Co., Ltd. in the Pecan Nuts Project is to promote the excellence of pecannuts as a food ingredient in Japan and overseas as a food-related company.
We are focusing on the establishment of a wide range of "the culture of putting pecan nuts on the table" through the development of Pecan recipes and the proposal of new eating habits.

History of the Project

  • Aug.2016

    -Tokyo University study group visited Rikuzentakata City.

  • Oct.2016

    -Tokyo University organized Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Science(participants:Rikuzentakata City and SDR).

  • Jan.2017

    -Tokyo University and Rikuzentakata City visited SDR HQ and factory.

  • May.2017

    -Joint project announcement at the agricultural summit.

  • Jul.2017

    -Signed joint laboratory agreement and collaborative cooperation agreement.

  • Aug.2017

    Established Golden Pecan Co., Ltd.

  • Oct.2019

    First Nationwide Pecannuts Recipe Contest held
    (Support from Rikuzentakata City)

  • Mar.2020

    Pecannut recipe is published.
    "Pecannuts Create a New Life Together with Rikuzentakata"

  • Apr.2020

    The first "Foods with Functional Claims" for nuts as a fresh food.

  • Jun.2020

    Presented at International Conference NUTRITION 2020 LIVE Online

  • Mar.2022

    Second Nationwide Pecannuts Recipe Contest held
    (Support from Rikuzentakata City)