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Pecannuts Conference

The photo shows a moment after dinner at a guest house at Pecan Farm in Arizona. Several kinds of freshly harvested pecan nuts were placed on a table and tasted to taste. Participants include farmers, managers, marketers, and investors with a long history of sales. We compared the taste of nuts as they are and the taste of lightly roasted nuts. Each has a different fragrance and color, such as "PAWNEE", "WESTERN", "NACONO", "LAKOTA", and. It is said that there are as many as 4000 kinds of pecan nuts. He visits Pecan Farm on his own feet, harvests it by his own hands, tastes it, and imports a satisfactory taste into Japan. This luxury time is due to meeting reliable American friends. A meeting in a friendly dining room where you spend your time feeling grateful. It is also a moment to select products that can be delivered to Japanese customers.

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