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Pecannuts Harvest and Fruit

Pecan nuts are harvested by variety over a long period of time from late November to December and around January. Pecanuts are usually called "half". When you see two halves sitting together in the shell of a pecan, it makes sense to be called so. The peacons in the picture are soft on the outside and turn from green to deep brown as autumn deepens. When it's ripe, a pecan with a shell peeks out from the inside. The harvest has finally begun. Pecannuts on our table are what we call "meatnuts," which are shelled and then shelled. A well-balanced arrangement of shells and meats, with about 58% meat, gives a firm weight. This kind of heavy pecan nut is a superb item. Every time I go to Pecan Farm, my American friends give me wisdom. More and more, it is the moment when the pecan nuts become my friends.

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